WAY2GO is a social venture in Israel for people with physical disabilities with a vision for equality.
My name is Ronit a single mother of six. I got ill 5 years ago and since than I’m confined to a wheelchair. I decided not to fall into depression  and do all I can to bring back to my life the spontaneity of going out and having fun the way I knew it before getting ill.
Along the way I was joined by amazing people some of them are disabled and some are not.
Together we manage to bring positive doing to the disabled community in Israel, moms with strollers.  And many more.

How it all started?
I started Way2Go because being a person on a wheelchair, forced me with every going out of the house for dinner, movie, vacation to open a war room and start making phone calls to find out if the places I want to go to is accessible for wheelchair users.
And most of the time the information I received was not 100% accurate.

SO, I decided NO MORE!!!
Way2GO offer and accessibility map with search options.
On the map there are pins for businesses, in the business profile we detail with text and pictures the accessibility situation of the place under several parameters such as: parking, ramp, accessible surrounding, accessible rest rooms and so on.
The information was gathered by WAY2GO people and the pictures were taken by smartphones no filters used. So, the data is 100% accurate.

We believe that you cannot define accessibility, each person has his own demands for it.
We want to give the person with the disability to free will to choose if a place is accessible enough for him or not by giving him the snapshot of the accessibly factors of the place.


Every place who joins our map get a review in our site and Facebook page.
We also have an app – W2GO, look it up in apple and google
We also have recommendations for unique products for the disabled community
such as high-tech wheelchairs, accessibility products and so on.