We do not judge or evaluate accessibility. We bring accessibility as it is backed up with pictures and text so that every disabled person can make a personal decision as to whether the level of accessibility is sufficient for them or not.


A platform that facilitates services and products for the disabled community.

The site concentrates in one place unique services and products that give the person with physical disabilities the tools to feel updated, part of society and equal.

Way-2-Go offers an accessibility map that will show businesses and various sites accessible to the disabled.

The accessibility map – a place where you can get all the information about accessible places – a link to the business’ page and all relevant information regarding accessibility in the business.

For each point on the map there is a detailed internal page about the business or site, including pictures of the level of accessibility in the business, up-to-date promotions and the possibility to comment about the service and accessibility.

The map provides tools for the disabled person to examine the level of accessibility of the place before arriving to it, thereby minimizing unpleasant surprises and reducing distress.

Because all of us with disabilities were at least one time in a situation where we called a certain place and were told that the place was accessible, but in practice it was not like that.

All the information appearing on the site is being collected, documented and prepared by the site’s team, and therefore the data is 100% accurate.

Link to the Accessibility Map

Link to the Accessibility Map